Kryptik Genesis Wave 2 Booster Box

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  In the vast expanse of the universe, there is a place unknown to all except those summoned there.

    That place is Kryptik Island: a world of infinite beauty, epic adventure, touching romance, and harrowing tragedy. The island is broken up into distinct climates and biomes with entire ecosystems changing within eyesight of one another. The mystery of the island allows for both an eternal day and eternal night as entire environments appear to be carved out of the landmass for each species. The Island instantly shifts from one environment to another like the dank, mossy overgrown crypts that serve as the Undead homeland that sits so near to the cascading waterfalls of the Mystics. The Human Faction protects its population with tall stone walls and fortresses, which stand second only to the Ascendant’s ivory towers. The endless ocean that surrounds the island brings a melancholy aura of isolation with only glassy amethyst water stretching as far as the eye can see. There are limitless opportunities on Kryptik Island, but also terrible dangers that lead most citizens to band together with their Factions for survival. The majority of citizens find themselves vying for influence with one of the four known Factions among the occasionally shifting landscape - the Humans, the Ascendant, the Mystics and the Undead.